Whether you prefer summer or enjoy the milder temperatures of fall, you likely appreciate the benefits of outdoor living spaces. Outside is the perfect place to unwind in the evenings after a busy day or get together with friends and family. Many people move gatherings indoors once cooler weather arrives, however, there are easy ways to warm up your outdoor space and enjoy the area year-round.

1. Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is a traditional yet effective way to warm up your outdoor space. Not only does it improve the aesthetic of the backyard, but it also provides a place to spend time with friends and neighbors. Install a comfortable seating area nearby or nestle the fireplace in a patio corner.

Outdoor fireplaces are constructed of various materials, including concrete, brick, metal, and stone. They can be either propane- or wood-burning. When constructing a fireplace, consider the surrounding structures and low-hanging trees and bushes that are nearby. Your fire should be in an open space at least 15’ away from all structures.

2. Use Propane Heaters to Warm Up Your Outdoor Space

A standing propane heater is a great choice for outdoor spaces. Many people prefer this heating method because it is easy to use, safer than a fire pit, and requires little maintenance. Propane is also cost-effective and cleaner compared to firewood.

There are various styles of propane heaters. You’ll find models shaped like fire pits, floor-standing types, and pyramid designs. Propane heaters require fuel which is readily available at most home improvement stores.

3. Install an Electric Heater

Electric heaters are a commonly used method for warming porches and patios. Over the years, they’ve become sleeker and more appealing for use in residential settings. Some are powder-coated, helping them blend in with your decor.

Another advantage of electric heaters is that they are environmentally friendly since they don’t produce emissions. They begin generating heat almost instantly. This means you don’t have to wait long before you can enjoy the warmth. These heaters are a good option for an enclosed outdoor space, like a covered porch or deck, but you will need access to an electrical outlet.

4. Choose Heated Floors to Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Another effective way to warm up your outdoor space is through radiant floor heat. Heated floors are becoming more popular for outdoor surfaces, despite their association with interiors. A warming system for your deck also helps in melting snow and preventing ice buildup.

When it comes to radiant heating, stone or paver materials are ideal. This heating method won’t be effective for wooden floors because wood is a poor conductor of heat.

Make your outdoor spaces comfortable and welcoming. If you are planning to improve your deck, porch, or patio, consider any of the methods discussed above.

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