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Your Home Inspection Matters

At Elite Home Inspections, we take our time to ensure you get the very best inspection possible. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t typically schedule two to three inspections per day. Instead, we focus on one house per day, which gives us the time to make sure you’re fully educated about your future home. That’s because your home inspection matters!

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Elite Home Inspections Service Menu

Our total loyalty during the inspection process is to you, the buyer. Our service menu includes everything you need to make an informed decision. On average, our walkthrough of your home will take 3.5 to 4 hours. After which, we spend approximately 2 to 3 hours writing up your home inspection report. You’ll get a true understanding of the condition of your future home.


Buyer’s Inspection


New Construction


11-Month/Builder’s Warranty


Home Maintenance Inspection


Radon Testing


Thermal Imaging Inspection


Indoor Air Quality Testing

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High-Quality Reports

The reason we spend an average of 7 hours or more on your inspection and report is that we believe in providing the highest quality reports possible. You’ll also receive video from inside the home with each report!

We Provide Create Request List™ Free of Charge!

HomeGauge’s Create Request List™ is a free online portal where you’ll receive your inspection report. Even better, you can use this portal to collaborate with your seller, email a copy of your report to anyone you choose, and create your home repair addendum with just a few clicks. There’s no more need for copying and pasting or writing things down by hand.

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The Customer Experience

Our home inspector places a major emphasis on the customer experience. Therefore, we offer the easiest experience we can!


We gladly accept online payments


Receive your inspection report within 24 hours


We love educating clients, and you’re therefore invited to join the walkthrough.


Got a question? Call us any time!

Our Service Area

Elite Home Inspections takes pride in delivering home inspections throughout the Greater Louisville Area. Additionally, we’re happy to offer our services to Southern Indiana and the surrounding 30-mile area.

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