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Dream Home or Money Pit?

When you find the “Right House”, the last thing you need is to end up closing on the money pit. What you do need is the peace of mind knowing that even though your house is not perfect (no house is), you are educated about what you are getting. Buying a home can be full of tough choices. One thing that should not do is to buy a house blindly. You need an inspector who is looking out for you. Shopping for an inspector by the cost of the inspection can produce a very painful lesson. Think what would happen if you hire the wrong inspector. What happens if the inspector is not experienced or is just interested in how fast they can get paid and move onto the next inspection? You’ll be stuck with the costs to fix anything they miss.

First House or Dream House?

It doesn’t matter! Either way, you will learn a lot about your home during the inspection. Plus, you will receive a free manual on “How To Operate Your Home” as my gift to you! This useful manual is over 350 pages long and includes more than 400 pictures.

How Can you Avoid Hiring the Wrong Home Inspector?

Do not make a huge mistake and hire the wrong inspector, one who misses items that cost you dearly. Before you hire an inspector, request my report Seven Things You Must Know To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Home Inspector. Don’t gamble – know before you hire your inspector! Get your free report now! My goal is to make the Home Inspection process easy and to educate you about the house you’re buying.

Take a look at what others have to say about Elite Home Inspections:

“Mr. Davis was extremely thorough in going over our home and making sure all our questions were answered.”

“I asked a lot of questions, you took the time to explain the answers in words I could understand.”

“My home was inspected as if he was going to buy it.”

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