Hello Allen,
I wanted to write you and Thank you for the thorough home inspection you performed on (address withheld). I was very impressed with the report. The images & video really make it worth every penny. If anyone I know ever needs a home inspection, I will strongly recommend you. And I won’t even consider anyone else when purchasing another home in the future.

Bryan Royalty - Louisville, 40218

The inspector was very patient and professional. Before i hired him, i also asked other inspectors. They are cheaper but they only spend one and half hour for the inspection. Allan said he might need 3 or more hours. That was top reason I hired him. It is new house. The plumbing system, and some kitchen utilities have not been installed. But he promised to come back to inspect them after everything done, free of charge. I definitely recommend him for your home inspection.

Tao Huang - Louisville, 40242

Thankful for Allan Davis’ work- he did so good the first time, we used him again as our first house turned out to be a hole- THANK YOU ALLAN FOR SAVING US- we would’ve been in over our heads for our first house to have that many problems. Our second house passed with flying colors and we are thankful for Allan’s thorough, honest inspection. I even called a few times after we bought it with questions and he was happy to help. Absolutely recommend Allan to everyone we know needing a home inspection. Very thankful we had found such a good inspector in Allan! Would use him again and again if we needed to! Thanks Allan!! You’re the best!

Jenna McCann - Louisville, 40245

I highly recommend Allan Davis of Elite Home Inspections to do your next home inspection. His professionalism and friendliness made me feel very comfortable and confident with his performance. He was very detailed and methodical in his examination and was able to answer every question I had about my house. With his experience from the Fire Dept combined with the many years of being a home inspector, he was able to give me a lot of information about fire safety and the structural integrity of my home. He showed me all the areas of my home that needed special attention. Allan never rushed through any part of the inspection but took his time and documented everything and shot a lot of pictures too. The finished report was well organized and in my hands the following day. Allan understands how important these inspections are and you can tell he knows what to look for in the quality of a house. He was very flexible and helpful beyond all my expectations. He inspected my house the same day I called him, which also happened to be a holiday weekend and did not charge me any extra. Then he also came back out to my home twice without charging me either time because of demands by my mortgage company! You owe it yourself to call Allan to do your next home inspection. He will not only meet but, exceed your expectations and you will feel certain you made the right decision for a home inspector!

Joe & Robin Kinnaird - Louisville, 40243

I would Highly Recommend Elite Home Inspection/Allan Davis! Very Professional, Honest, Related very well and attentive to detail. Explained everything in detail, 10/10!!!!!

Jane Ellis - Louisville, 40216

I owned and operated a successful home inspection company for 17 years. Allan was a lead inspector at my company for several years. Hands down, Allan was one of the best inspectors I ever had the privilege of working with.

He does a thorough home inspection and has a gift for working with clients. I am happy to recommend him and his cutting edge services.

Sharon Vornholt - October 20, 2010

I want to say Thanks for inspecting my home. As a first time home buyer I was very nervous about what to expect during the home inspection. I was even more nervous about what you might find. You did a great job educating me about not only the defects you found but also how to maintain my home and some pointers on how to reduce energy cost. I know that I asked a lot of questions, you took the time to explain the answers in words I could understand. You were right when I asked if I needed to be at the inspection. You told me that “not only will you learn a lot about the house but you will feel better about the house when you see how through I am”. Thank you again for taking this worry off my mind.

Jill Vaughn - Louisville, 40228

I’ve heard many war stories from friends about their home inspectors. Most said that their inspectors ran through their house as fast as they could, usually less than 1 1/2 hours. Other said that the reports they got were photocopied, hand-written reports that no one could read or understand. One of my friends got a report that was just three pages long with no information except “House was in good shape for the age”. Not Allan. I hired Allan for two different home inspections. One was a short sale and the other was a vacant estate sale home. Obviously, these types of homes can have some significant issues. Allan even requested that if I could come out and follow him through the inspections, please do so.

Allan’s inspections for each home were extremely thorough (about 3 hours each). During the inspections, Allan pointed out things I would have never looked at or even thought about, as well as gave some recommendations. His reports are the best. Very detailed, easy to read and understand, typed with color photos, and informative. Exactly what I would expect from a professional.

I would recommend Allan to anyone who wants to get the best inspection they can.

Drew Roberts - Jeffersontown

Elite Home Inspections saved the day! I had hired an inspector based on I’m ashamed to say his low price. The inspector did not get on top of the roof (Heck I could walk on it) did not even look in the attic (2 shelves in the way) and was wrapping up the inspection in 40 minutes! The inspector was giving me a report on the spot with about 10 minutes of effort. I told the inspector I felt the inspection wasn’t what I expected. I felt like I threw my money out the window, I went straight to my apartment and started looking for another inspector. I found you on the web and hired you after a tough interview, I wasn’t going to get burned again! What a difference! You encouraged me to participate. You were there almost 3 hours and were on the roof, in the attic and your report was 36 pages with 30 pictures. You found a leak in the attic, disconnected duct work in the crawl space, and other issues that the other inspector missed. You delivered your report as promised (by the following morning) via the internet. The first inspector cost me money you saved me money! Thanks you are as promised!

Greg Baylor - Louisville, 40219

I am in the process of buying my first home. Allan Davis with Elite Home Inspections performed my home inspection. Mr. Davis was great to work with. I following him around throughout the inspection and he answered every question I asked, no matter how silly I thought my questions may have been. Mr. Davis also fully disclosed every item he noted in the home which would need repair and gave suggestions and helpful information on what work would need to be performed in order to repair the item. Mr. Davis made my first home inspection an easy task and I am so grateful for his help. I would highly recommend him to any person looking for a qualified, professional, and friendly home inspector!

Amanda Hourigan - Louisville, 40220

Allan was more than just a home inspector, he was also a teacher. He described in detail of what he looked for in my home and explained the things that I need to be aware of. My wife liked him because, without having to ask, he took his shoes off before he came in.

Jeff Banquer - Louisville, 40245

Just wanted to take a moment and tell everyone about the great job Allan did for us when we bought our new home. It wasn’t the first house we looked at and now we are very pleased with the way it worked out. The first one we looked at needed $2300.00 of new duct work, which Allan found using the infrared gun. The owners declined to fix it properly so we walked.

The second home we looked at ended up needing pillars put under the corner of the garage along with a bit of brick tuck work. The pillars and tuck work ended up costing $2500.00. The home owners paid for it and we moved into our home and have been very happy.

All in all Allan saved us nearly $5000.00 total. His fee pales in comparison to that. He is a very good inspector, very detailed. I was impressed with his professionalism and wonderful overall service.

Chris and Christina Edwards - La Grange, 40031

I told you that I’d get you the name of the person/company that did the home inspection on our home. The company was &%$ (Company Name Witheld) Home Inspectors. I wasn’t very impressed with their analysis. I was, however, impressed with how thorough you were. Not bad for a St. X boy. Take care.

William Wiley - Louisville, 40291

Allan Davis came highly recommended to us and we now pass along that high recommendation to others. He did a thorough job in inspecting the condo. Giving attention to details is important to us. He was very professional

Ed & Nancy Applegate - Tollesboro, 41189

Thank you so much for making me feel great about the home I built. The process was pain free and a great pleasure to go through. You are truly a professional and I have aready given your name to my co-workers. May God continue to prosper your business as you continue to be a blessing to new home owners. Have a great New Year!

Quinette Yancey - Vine Grove, 40175

Thank you for the inspection report and the thorough home inspection you conducted at 1127 S. Brook yesterday. You uncovered some interesting facts regarding the unique condo. We appreciate all of the time you provided and the detailed answers to our questions. The inspection was a great learning experience for our family. Have a Happy New Year!

John and Patty Kudla - Louisville, 40203

Allan, You are exactly what we were looking for in an inspector. You were knowledgeable, personable, friendly, and helpful. You took the time to explain your findings in terms we could grasp and never once tried to rush us. I have great confidence in your ability as a home inspector and look forward to sending our friends your way!

Michelle Castano - Louisville, 40241

My wife and I just purchased our first house, and one of the best decisions we made was to hire Allan Davis with Elite Home Inspections. We chose Mr. Davis based on previous testimonials on the Elite Home Inspections website, his professional credentials and my conversation with him over the phone. Mr. Davis was genuinely interested in helping us making informed decisions about the inspection process and even encouraged us to look at other inspectors. Our initial conversation only reinforced what I already knew; Elite Home Inspections was the one for us. As for the home inspection itself, we could not ask for more. The inspection was to last 3 hours, but Mr. Davis was there for every bit of 5 full hours. Mr. Davis was extremely thorough in going over our home and making sure all our questions were answered. He checked EVERY SINGLE electrical outlet and found 3 in one room that were not working properly. He easily could have just checked a couple of outlets and moved on. It is a testament to his desire to make sure homebuyers/homeowners are well informed about their home. Other examples of his thoroughness include but not limited to: checking the roofline with binoculars (and finding a potential problem with the drain vents) when it was impossible to reach that part of the house; using a thermal imaging device to check the insulation of our home; and even answering some questions for our friends that had stopped by. Mr. Davis is a true professional and cares about the quality of service he provides. Because of this we are Elite Home Inspections customers for life and we would recommend him for anyone needing a home inspection.

First time home buyers Brannon and Savannah Dupree - Rineyville, 40162

My name is Misty Dawn Vandaveer. My husband and I began house hunting last summer. We found a home and it was inspected by Allan Davis.

Allan inspected the home and the home turned out to not to be acceptable. The house had a significant moisture problem that was not disclosed which had contributed to a serious mold problem. He did such an excellent job, that we hired him for the next inspection.

Allan was very concerned about my family’s well being. At that time of the inspection I was expecting a child, my home was inspected as if he was going to buy it.

Throughout the whole process from setting up the appointment to making request on the home contract. Allan was available to answer questions and concerns. I’m very pleased with the service provided. Allan was very professional yet personal. He is an Outstanding home inspector who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Misty Dawn Vandaveer - New Albany, IN 47150

Mr. Davis,

I would like to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for the home inspection. I was impressed with your knowledge and expertise in the inspection you performed. In addition I’m grateful that you had taken the time to explain how our new home operates and what to be aware of. Furthermore, I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

Jan Howe - Fort Knox

Just wanted to say Thanks for the quality of your inspection and educating me on my house. Being a first time home buyer I was really nervous and wondering if I was buying a house that was in need of expensive repairs. After the inspection I could relax and enjoy myself.

Scotty Blatton - Louisville, 40229

A big Thanks to Elite Home Inspections for saving me from the money pit! The house I was buying was a Repo house which had been inspected before by a bargain priced home inspector. I was disappointed that the inspector did not get on the roof or in the crawl space. I was told that it was not in the home inspectors standards to get on the roof and that the crawl space was not accessible. A co-worker told me about you and I’m glad he did. Not only did you find that the roof had been tarred in 2 areas but that the copper plumbing had been stolen from the crawl space ! I’m very grateful that I did’nt get stuck with that nightmare. I did get my money back from the other inspector with no problems once I mentioned what you found. I was told that “no wonder the water was off to the house.” Thanks again.

Brian Hoskins - Louisville, 40220