Many people enjoy decorating for the holidays but few people consider the hazards when undecorating after the New Year. Falls, cuts, shocks, and other injuries are all possible risks when taking down and putting away decorations. Review these tips on how to safely take down holiday decorations.

1. Set Up Your Ladder Safely

Many people hang holiday lights high on the roof without considering the ways to safely take down holiday decorations. When removing decorations from roofs, balconies, and trees, you’ll need to set up the ladder safely to prevent falls. If you are using an extension ladder, lean the ladder against the house at a 75-degree angle. Place the ladder on sturdy and dry ground. Have someone hold the ladder down so it doesn’t move while you’re using it.

2. Test the Lights

Testing your lights is the next step after you safely take down holiday decorations. Before returning the lights to storage, check for broken bulbs and frayed cords that could spark and create fires. You want the lights to work and to know they are safe to decorate with next year.

3. Be Careful With Heavy Items

Do not injure yourself while carrying heavy items. Big holiday decorations can weigh a hundred pounds or more. Set a maximum limit for each box that does not exceed 50 pounds. That is the weight that most people can carry without injuring themselves. Lift with your legs instead of your back.

4. Get Rid of Broken Items

Get rid of broken ornaments immediately after you safely take down holiday decorations. Do not stash them away, thinking that the damages are small and barely noticeable. Cracked bulbs or glass ornaments are still hazardous to children and pets.

Always Consider the Ways to Safely Take Down Holiday Decorations

After the holidays pass, it’s typical for people to remove their decorations quickly and carelessly when storing them. With a little planning and thoughtfulness, you can avoid injury. Remember these tips when you safely take down holiday decorations.

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