Prepare Your House to Sell in the Spring

Spring is a common time of year to list your home for sale. Many buyers wait until spring to begin touring homes because the weather is more pleasant and they would rather move without worrying about the possibility of ice and snow. In spring, plants and flowers start to grow and make your property look more appealing online and in-person. Here are 4 things to do to prepare your house to sell in the spring.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection

If you’re planning to list your home for sale in spring, schedule a pre-listing home inspection a couple of months prior. A professional inspector will inspect your home with the same thoroughness as a home inspection for a buyer.

Order this service in advance so you have time to address any issues that might be a problem during the buyer’s inspection. Especially if you are counting on the income from your home sale to fund a new home purchase, it is important for your sale to close without a hitch.

Landscaping to Prepare Your House to Sell

Towards the end of winter, focus on landscaping to get your yard looking great for when you list your home. This is a perfect time to prune trees and shrubs so that when they start to grow leaves, they won’t touch your siding or hang over your roof. Pruning is best done between early fall and spring before any new growth is on the trees.

As soon as the ground warms up, plant some grass seed to fill in bare areas. Weed existing flower beds and give them a fresh cover of mulch so as soon as spring hits, you’ll be ready to plant flowers.

Deep Clean the Home

You may be still living in the home when you put it on the market, so you’ll need to deep clean it and keep it tidy. First, perform a deep clean of the whole house. This includes professional carpet cleaning, laundering drapes and curtains, and cleaning behind appliances. Take time each morning to dust, clean the floors, and spray down bathroom fixtures. You need to leave a good impression on each potential buyer.

Take Down Personal Decorations

Family portraits and personal decorations make it difficult for a homebuyer to picture their own family living in the house. You may have specific decor that reflects a personal hobby or favorite animal or style that won’t resonate with someone touring your home. Take down personalized items and stick with neutral landscape or abstract artwork.

Make Repairs

Some repairs are simple to complete yourself. Minor cosmetic issues like missing outlet covers, peeling paint, and broken light fixtures are easy to fix and well worth doing. If you schedule a pre-listing inspection, you’ll be able to reference the report and make a list of things to fix.

Consider fixing major issues also, even if you have to hire a contractor. It may seem like a big investment to replace a failing roof, but it may be nearly impossible to sell your home with missing shingles and water leaking in the attic.

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