A fence is an important addition to any property. It improves security and privacy and makes your property look better. But before starting any fence project, it’s vital to plan appropriately. In this post, we’ll highlight six essential steps to planning for a new fence.

Survey the Land First When Planning for a New Fence

Knowing the size of your property is the first step in planning a fence. Measure the area you want the fence installed and survey the land to understand the topography, property lines, and areas of concern. This step will give you a better understanding of what materials to choose from and what type of construction will work best.

Check for Underground Utilities

Before installing any fence, check the location of any underground utilities. You can get this information by contacting your local utility company and requesting an inspection. This will ensure you don’t damage utility lines while digging holes for your fence poles.

Choose the Material

A fence can be made of various materials, such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, or chain link. The material you choose will depend on your budget, maintenance requirements, and design preference. For instance, you might prefer a wood fence if you prioritize privacy. A metal fence will better suit your property if you want a modern look. Each material has pros and cons, so determine your priorities.

Determine the Height

The height of your fence is another important factor to consider. Height will depend on the reason you’re installing the fence. Also, zoning laws dictate the maximum fence height, which varies in different localities. Complying with these laws and obtaining necessary zoning permits before starting the fence project is essential.

Plan for Gates

Gates make it easier for people and animals to access your property. If you have a vehicle, you’ll need a gate wide enough to fit your car. If you have a pet, you might require a smaller gate. Also, you’ll need to plan a gate that matches your fence design.

Hire a Fencing Contractor When You’re Finished Planning for a New Fence

Once you have a fence plan, it’s essential to have a professional fencing contractor come out to do the work. A professional will have the tools and experience to install a sturdy fence. You can ask for quotes from different contractors to find one that suits your budget.

Planning a fence project is an easy feat with the right steps. From knowing your land’s specifications, materials, zoning laws, and gate sizes, the perfect fence starts with a detailed plan. Conducting the necessary checks and researching the best materials before beginning will save you time and money in the long run.

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