House plants have tons of benefits, including purifying the air in your home and adding a decorative touch to your space. But some plants are toxic to pets. To keep your furry friends healthy, make sure to only keep safe indoor plants in your home. Read on to learn more about pet-friendly house plants.

Pet-Friendly House Plants

Spider Plants For Indoors

These plants are known for their long thin leaves that are either solid green or white-striped. Spider plants are pet-friendly house plants that help improve the air quality in your home by producing oxygen. They are also great beginner plants because they’re easy to grow and keep alive.

Spider plants do best in well-drained soil and partial sunlight. Place them in hanging baskets to keep them out of reach of pets who might be tempted to play with their long leaves.

Boston Ferns are Pet-Friendly House Plants

This is another pet-friendly house plant that’s known for its beautiful green fronds. Boston ferns enjoy indirect sunlight and regular moisture. They also do well in hanging baskets and are best kept high off the ground to keep cats from playing with their long leaves.

Tillandsia Air Plants

Arguably the lowest maintenance and beginner-friendly non-toxic indoor plant are the Tillandsia. These plants don’t require any soil because they take in moisture through their leaves. Mist these pet-friendly house plants with water once or twice a week and soak them in water for a few hours every two or three weeks. They do best in indirect sunlight.

African Violets are Pet-Friendly House Plants

These plants are another beautiful and safe indoor plant that won’t harm your pet. African violets like bright to medium light. Because they are more sensitive than other plants, these violets require a little more care and knowledge to keep them alive. They need lukewarm water to avoid shocking the roots, and you need to be careful not to get the flowers wet or they will become damaged. Store African Violets high up from cats and dogs to avoid accidental swipes to their delicate flowers.

Having pets at home can make having indoor plants a challenge, but it’s possible when you pick the best pet-friendly house plants. Stick to the well-known non-toxic plants mentioned in this article, and keep them out of reach of pets. By doing this, you will enjoy all the benefits of having indoor plants while keeping your pets safe.

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