Creating More Storage Space

The garage is one of the biggest storage spaces that many homeowners have access to, and it can fill up quickly between tools, vehicles, and boxes of seasonal items. Read on for easy ways you can organize your space to maximize garage storage and minimize clutter.

Start with a Blank Slate

When you decide to improve storage and get organized, the first step is starting with a blank slate. Remove everything from your garage so that the room is completely bare. Go through the boxes and bags that were previously inside and throw out anything broken, expired, or unsafe—sort other items into bins depending on whether you want to keep them or donate them.

Look for Versatile Garage Storage

If you plan on storing a wide variety of things in your garage, explore more versatile types of garage storage. Pegboards and slat walls allow for easy hanging of everything from bicycles to garden tools.

When choosing storage, make sure you start by thinking about what you want to keep in your garage. There is a big difference between storage appropriate for a garage with a car parked in it and organizational tools for a room being used solely as a storage space.

Consider Hobby-Specific Storage

Some people have hobbies that require a lot of equipment, like playing hockey or working on classic cars. In these cases, more specialized garage storage would be more appropriate than versatile shelving or pegboard. There are many different customized storage solutions available that will organize things like fishing rods, sporting equipment, and tools.

Think Vertically and Horizontally for Better Garage Storage

One of the biggest reasons people love garages for storage is the versatility of the space. When looking at garage storage options, you should think horizontally and vertically. The walls are an excellent place for hanging things, and you can even use the space over your head to hang bicycles. By using the area efficiently, you will store more while still keeping the place tidy.

Create a Mini-Mudroom

Many people are adding mudrooms to their homes so that there is somewhere to take off shoes and coats and drop messy or dirty equipment before heading into the rest of the house.

If you are not parking a car in the garage, it is a great space to create a mini-mudroom. Hang a coat rack and shoe rack and add a storage cubby for every family member to place their dirty belongings before heading inside.

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