Pricing your home is no easy task. Many factors come into play when setting the sale price of a property, and if you don’t get it right, you could lose thousands in revenue. There are several things to consider to determine the listing price of a home, including factors like condition, curb appeal, the local market, and competition. Setting a competitive asking price for your house helps you earn top dollar when it sells.

Internal Factors That Determine the Listing Price of a Home

When pricing your home, you’ll need to consider internal factors. These are elements of your property you have direct control over. When determining an asking price, look at the property’s condition, curb appeal, and size.


A home in good condition will command a higher price than one needing significant repairs or updates. If possible, make necessary repairs and renovations before you list the house.

Curb Appeal:

The exterior of the house is the first thing prospective buyers will notice, so make sure it looks its best. Clean siding, a manicured lawn, and updated landscaping positively impact the listing price.

Size and Floor Plan:

The square footage of your home and the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces will affect its value. Properties with popular features sell for higher prices than those with fewer amenities. Check other listings in your area to see what homes with a similar floor plan and square footage are going for so you’ll know where to start.

External Factors That Determine the Listing Price of a Home

While internal factors are important when pricing your home, external factors affect a property’s value.

Market Conditions:

The real estate market in your area significantly impacts a home’s listing price. If prices are rising, you will get more for your house than if they are declining. Research what other homes in your neighborhood have sold for recently and factor that into your listing. Pay attention to price changes across multiple properties to track trends in the local market.

Local Competition Helps Determine the Listing Price of a Home:

The number of homes for sale in your area will also affect the price. If there are a lot of properties on the market, buyers have more options and their bargaining power increases. You may need to lower your list price slightly to compete with other sellers or offer incentives like closing cost assistance or a home warranty to entice buyers into making an offer.

Understanding the factors that influence your home’s value ensures your asking price is fair and competitive in the local market. A reasonable asking price helps you earn top dollar when it’s time to sell.

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