Most people tend to focus on the easy-to-reach areas when cleaning the house. A house can look clean on the surface, but many homeowners overlook some places where dirt builds up quicker than you think. Check out these commonly missed cleaning spots around the house.

Lamps and Light Bulbs

Even though lights and lamps are used so often, it can be easy to forget to clean them. Gnats and other small bugs are attracted to the lights in your home, and you may be surprised at how many dead bugs you will find when you remove your light covers and bulbs. Lamp shades also need to be dusted at least once a month.

Behind Appliances

Since appliances stay put, you probably do not pay much attention to what is behind them. The back of a television or under the microwave and toaster are some of the most commonly missed cleaning spots. Cleaning behind kitchen appliances is especially important as leftover crumbs attract pests.

Inside Appliances are Commonly Missed Cleaning Spots

Appliances that use a lot of water, such as dishwashers and washing machines, accumulate mold if they are not cleaned regularly. Clean out your washing machine and dishwasher filters frequently. To clean the inside of your washing machine and its pipes, run a cycle with warm water and vinegar or baking soda. If your microwave has food splatter on the inside, mix some water and vinegar in a dish and place it inside. Microwave on high until steam forms. This will loosen any grease and grime and make wiping the inside and removing dirt much more manageable.

Commonly Missed Cleaning Spots in the Bathroom

These two places in a bathroom are very often overlooked when cleaning. The bottom and back of a toilet can harbor mold and bacteria. Be sure to clean these areas with a standard tub and tile cleaner whenever you clean the bathroom. 

If you use a cup-like toothbrush holder, the water from the sink and wet toothbrushes can build up inside, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and mildew. Run the holder through the dishwasher or rinse it with soap and warm water.

Air Vents

Another commonly missed cleaning spot is the inside of air vents and air vent cover. Missing these areas can cause dust accumulation, which will lower the air quality in your home. An easy way to clean the covers is to soak them in warm water with dish soap.

Try to clean your home at least once a month. Cleaning hidden areas and removing dust and germs is essential for your family’s health.

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