Purchasing a home is a goal that many people have, however, homeownership also means you are responsible for maintenance tasks around the house. You will no longer have the luxury of being able to call the landlord to take care of issues around the property. By relying on a few basic tools for homeowners, you can easily make simple repairs.

Six Basic Tools for Homeowners to Include in Their Toolbox

1. Claw Hammer

A hammer is one of the most basic tools that every homeowner should have, and you may already own one. This hammer has a head with a flat side and another with a V-shape designed to extract nails without damaging surfaces. If you do not already have one, choose a quality hammer with solid construction and durability.

2. Screwdrivers are Basic Tools for Homeowners

Screwdrivers are helpful tools to have in your home. Tighten cabinet knobs, open battery cases, and assemble furniture with this basic tool for homeowners. It’s also important to note that screwdrivers come equipped with a variety of screw sizes and heads, so purchase some with multiple head sizes and tips.

3. Pliers are Basic Tools for Homeowners

Generally, there are two types of pliers you will want to have: tongue-and-groove and needle-nose. Needle-nose pliers can be used to grip and bend wires and nails while tongue-and-groove pliers are used more for tasks like crimping and fastening.

4. Level

Whether it’s a laser level or a standard level, this is a useful tool to include in your toolbox. A level helps you install items such as mirrors, shelves, and frames.

5. Staple Gun

A staple gun is great for tasks like securing fabric, installing carpet, and adding insulation. Many homeowners prefer to use manual staple guns because they’re easier to use and less expensive than electric ones.

6.  Cordless Drill

The best perk of a cordless drill is that they don’t require an electrical outlet or cord. A cordless drill is a convenient basic tool for homeowners to have around the house.

When you own a home, stock your toolbox with these basic tools. Even if there are no pressing tasks that need to be completed yet, it’s always a good idea to have these tools for future maintenance tasks that are sure to arise.

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